What Are Product Listings Ads

If you’ve done any product related searches on Google over the last few months you might have come across products appearing in the search results:

Product Listing Ads

These are called Product Listing Ads. This article will look at why these are essential if you sell products on your website and will outline how you can set them up.

Are Product Listings Free?

Up until a few months ago Google allowed you to run Product Listing Ads (PLA) for free but they have now moved the entire model over to Adwords, so you will need a Google Adwords account to run Product Listing Ads.

Why Run Product Listing Ads

Despite it costing money, Product Listing Ads typically generate a more profitable Return On Investment (ROI) over traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Ads.

For example, the below adtext by Amazon indicates to the consumer that they sell Breville Opula toasters:

Product Listings Ads

Product Listings AdsHowever, a Product Listing Ad shows a Title, Picture and Price so it is giving the consumer the most important information before they even click.

So if a customer clicks through they are much more likely to purchase. In addition most advertisers are finding that the average Cost Per Click is substantially less than a search ad.


Setup Google Base

Before you can run Product Listing Ads you need to create a Google Product Feed. To start the process you will need to setup a Google Base account here >>

Once you’ve created the account you will need to do the following:

  • Go to Settings > General and verify your website URL
  • Go to Settings > Tax and Shipping and enter in your websites shipping details
  • Go to Settings > Adwords and insert your Google Adwords ID. This is the 10 digit number which appears up the top of your Adwords account when you login.

Creating Your Feed

Once your Google Base account is created you then need to create a product feed. This feed provides Google with all the required information about your products.

There are many ways of creating a feed; this will depend on your website and products. Google provide a comprehensive guide on how you can setup and upload your feed here >>

To help get you started you can download an example CSV product feed spreadsheet from the Bizorb website here >>

Product Listings Ads

When writing your product titles for the feed it is important that you include relevant keywords in the product title so it informs Google what your product should be related to.

If for example you sold a Sofa called Kivik ensure that you include the word “Sofa” in the product title so Google knows to associate your product for the search term “Sofa”.


Updating Your Feed

If you have only a few products which rarely change on your website then you can create a feed and update your feed manually.

If however you have a website with hundreds of products which go in and out of stock then it won’t be practical to maintain the feed manually. It is worth talking to your web developer/agency so your site can be adapted to automatically update your feed.

Setting Up In Google Adwords

Now that you have a Product Feed you can go ahead and create a campaign in Google Adwords.

1) Select ‘New Campaign > Search Network Only’

2) Give you campaign an appropriate name (E.g –Product Listing Ads) and then select the Product Listing Ads option on the right hand side.

Product Listings Ads

3) Towards the end of the page there will be an option to link your new campaign to your Google Base account.

Product Listings Ads

Once you’ve filled out the rest of the page select ‘Save and Continue’.

4) The next step is to create your adgroup. If you are planning on bidding the same amount for each of your products then all you need to do is tick the ‘All Products’ checkbox, enter a USP in the promotion box (e.g – Free Delivery) and enter your bid price.
Product Listings Ads

Once you click ‘save’ your campaign will be created and will be ready to show Product Listing Ads

5) If you are planning to bid differently on products then when you fill out the above form you will need to untick the “All Products” checkbox and give your adgroup an appropriate name “e.g – Toaster”.

Product Listing Ads

Once you’ve clicked ‘save’ you will be taking to the Auto Targets tab, here you just need to select ‘Add A Product Type’. On this page you will be able to define what products should appear under the adgroup, you can do this based on Brand, ID or Product Type.

Once you’ve created your Product Type you just need to enter a bid price and the adgroup will go live. To set-up additional adgroups just create a new adgroup and repeat the above process.

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