macbookair-pedalpedalWe deliver eCommerce websites that are a perfect combination of beauty, brains and brawn. The more visually engaging and intuitive an eCommerce site is, the more likely it is that the site will convert visitors.

Ecommerce is a combination of science and art and it is our real passion here at Webfaced. We believe that setting up a successful eCommerce site needs professional design and development knowledge. There are many platforms on which to base a store but in reality the free templates and carbon-copy features just don’t cut it with today’s online savvy shoppers.

We have refined our approach to focus on the most important elements and cut through some of the misunderstandings and red-herrings that exist to deliver award-winning eCommerce development across a number of superb platforms. What’s more, our eCommerce solutions are aimed to be competitive on price; we constantly price-match against our competitors to ensure that we present the most appealing case to our customers. As a guide our completely bespoke Sellerdeck designs start from just £800.

Here are some of the fundamentals:


Shoppers ‘buy with their eyes’ online more than they do on the highstreet. Webfaced eCommerce sites are designed to engage your users and present them with an elegant retail experience.


Seconds count, the faster your website, the quicker your users can find what they are looking for and without obstruction they stand a higher chance of continuing all the way through the checkout, in most cases spending more as they go. As a specialist eCommerce agency we focus on creating high performing websites for exactly this reason.


Our eCommerce websites offer visitors simple, intuitive functionality, allowing visitors to search by price, colour, size, type, brand and much more. Websites that are easy to navigate ensure visitors can find what they’re looking for and help turn those visitors into customers.


Webfaced websites are intuitive to the way customers use retail websites, providing an optimised user experience that translates directly into sales. We pay close attention to each client’s business and analyse their typical customers to understand how best to present products on the site.


Whether we build on the Magento, Sellerdeck or Shopify eCommerce platform, or even a bespoke one, we simplify the buying and checkout process, often with one step checkouts and custom functionality to make the process quick and easy reducing cart abandonment.


Search Engine visibility can be the difference between success and failure. Unlike on a high street, an eCommerce site is invisible until you begin marketing it or indeed, until Google discovers it. A Webfaced built Sellerdeck store stands out with the search-engine friendly URL structure and also gives you complete control over Page Titles, Meta information and Keyword descriptions to boost your SEO efforts. No more ‘acatalog’ sub folders, just clean, search engine friendly URLs.

Sellerdeck Design


A fun and vibrant bespoke designed eCommerce site for an online retro sweet and gift business.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Sellerdeck Development

HIE Plumbing

One of the largest Sellerdeck product sites ever built with custom design and intelligent functionality.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Sellerdeck Design


Stretching the boundaries of Sellerdeck capabilities with a sleek and fashionable eCommerce site.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Sellerdeck Development


100,000 transactions since we built the new website and a huge conversion rate increase.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Sellerdeck Development

Dead Fresh

A cool website design for a cool t-shirt brand with some clever features thrown into the mix.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Sellerdeck Development

Quo Vadis

Simple, clean layouts and cleverly considered structure allows Quo Vadis to sell thousands per year.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
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How we work

First and foremost we look at your brand and the products you sell and we discuss how you want to be perceived by your customers. We discuss which other brands you would like to be considered alongside, how you want people to feel when they see you online. Yes, we do a lot of “fluffy” groundwork because image is so important and so often forgotten.

The next step focuses on functionality; the science bit. Who are your users? What else do they buy? Where else do they shop? What do they expect from online retailers? All of this helps us to come up with a structure, process, navigation method and functionality additions that create a shop that your customers understand intuitively.

The back-end is also of paramount importance for you and so it features early in our review. We work with you to understand your business and your internal processes; how you despatch goods, how you contact customers, how you manage stock etc. These questions help us to build a back-end system that can support your business fully and allow it to grow alongside you.

The good news is that there are many options open to you. You could opt for a low-cost off-the-shelf eCommerce product that can have a bespoke design and identity laid over it. You could opt for a web-based system that can be completely personalised and paid for monthly rather than in one lump sum. Alternatively you may have so many functionality requirements and other systems that your site needs to communicate with that a bespoke development is your best option. Whatever your needs we can accommodate your project and we would be more than happy to discuss things in a little more detail before compiling a no-obligation proposal and quotation.

Whatever your requirements our goal is simple, to get you trading online and converting as many of your visitors as possible. A Webfaced developed eCommerce site will ensure that your customers see a brand they admire and the functionality they expect. Contact us today for more information.