macbookair-pedalpedalHere at Webfaced we are approved specialists in developing profitable online retail experiences using the award-winning Magento eCommerce platform.

Magento eCommerce has been one of the star performers over the past couple of years. More and more retailers have realised a transactional website is a vital channel for the future success of their business.

The common idea that a Magento site is not going to be covered by a client’s marketing budget just is not the case any longer. Magento is a lot more cost-effective than you may think. The open-source, flexible nature of the Magento platform allows us to reduce the time (and therefore the costs) associated with design and development. The result of this flexibility is an eCommerce website that looks amazing and is customised to your exact requirements. The adaptability inherent within the Magento structure also allows for easy adaptation, meaning that long-term costs can also be reduced and should your business change (as it inevitably will over the years) your eCommerce solution can adapt to support it.

With eCommerce powered by Magento, Webfaced creates better looking, better functioning websites that consistently deliver higher sales-conversion rates and higher average transaction values. In short, Magento eCommerce is one of the best pieces of eCommerce software available to larger retailers targeting both UK and Worldwide markets.

Utilising the vast amount of flexible pre-built features within Magento means Webfaced can easily accommodate the requirements of any eCommerce project, big or small. Speak to a Magento expert and we’ll provide you with a full Magento eCommerce proposal so that you can see what can be achieved within your project budget and timeframe.