SellerDeck DesignerWe are an award-winning SellerDeck design agency & have been for over 10 years. We deliver eCommerce websites from £800 that are a perfect combination of beauty, brains and brawn.

If you are reading this page the chances are that you have already seen SellerDeck’s solutions in action; potentially you have come to us as a SellerDeck user already. If this is the case you will know that SellerDeck (or Actinic as you may know it) is a very solid eCommerce platform and has lots of great features. What you may not be aware of is that with a large number of “specialists” offering SellerDeck development we have yet to see another agency that approaches SellerDeck development in the correct way. In fact they often ONLY use the SellerDeck platform and so do not bring with them the impartial and broad eCommerce advice that Webfaced can offer.

SellerDeck development, in fact any eCommerce development, is a combination of science and art. To get eCommerce right you need to understand your customer, get your brand looking right and then construct a site that makes sense to your target users AND converts them. You should design everything with your users in mind and then (and only then) when you have everything looking perfect do you begin building on the SellerDeck platform.

You can also take comfort in the fact that we constantly price-match against our competitors to ensure that we present the most appealing case to our customers. As a guide our completely bespoke SellerDeck designs start from just £800.

SellerDeck Development Fundamentals

We have been working with SellerDeck (formally Actinic) for over seven years and we know the platform inside-out. Our approach to building on SellerDeck is to focus on the most important elements of eCommerce:


Shoppers ‘buy with their eyes’ online more than they do on the highstreet. Webfaced SellerDeck sites are designed to engage your users and present them with an elegant retail experience. Every site we create on SellerDeck is unique, we steer you well clear of the standard templates because, quite simply, there is no such thing as a “standard” customer.


Seconds count, the faster your SellerDeck site, the quicker your users can find what they are looking for and without obstruction they stand a higher chance of continuing all the way through the checkout, in most cases spending more as they go. As a specialist eCommerce agency we focus on creating high performing websites for exactly this reason.


Our SellerDeck websites offer visitors simple, intuitive functionality, allowing visitors to search by price, colour, size, type, brand and much more. Websites that are easy to navigate ensure visitors can find what they’re looking for and help turn those visitors into customers. You will be thrilled to hear about the functionality we have developed and added to SellerDeck sites where it did not exist as standard.


Webfaced websites are intuitive to the way customers use retail websites, providing an optimised user experience that translates directly into sales. We pay close attention to each client’s business and analyse their typical customers to understand how best to present products on the site.


Even when building a site on the more rigid structure of SellerDeck we simplify the buying and checkout process, often with one step checkouts and custom functionality to make the process quick and easy reducing cart abandonment.


Search Engine visibility can be the difference between success and failure. Unlike on a high street, a SellerDeck site is invisible until you begin marketing it or indeed, until Google discovers it. A Webfaced built SellerDeck store stands out with the search-engine friendly URL structure and also gives you complete control over Page Titles, Meta information and Keyword descriptions to boost your SEO efforts. No more ‘acatalog’ sub folders, just clean, search engine friendly URLs.

SellerDeck Design


A fun and vibrant bespoke designed eCommerce site for an online retro sweet and gift business.

SellerDeck eCommerce
SellerDeck Development

HIE Plumbing

One of the largest SellerDeck product sites ever built with custom design and intelligent functionality.

SellerDeck eCommerce
SellerDeck Design


Stretching the boundaries of SellerDeck capabilities with a sleek and fashionable eCommerce site.

SellerDeck eCommerce
SellerDeck Development


100,000 transactions since we built the new website and a huge conversion rate increase.

SellerDeck eCommerce
SellerDeck Development

Dead Fresh

A cool website design for a cool t-shirt brand with some clever features thrown into the mix.

SellerDeck eCommerce
SellerDeck Development

Quo Vadis

Simple, clean layouts and cleverly considered structure allows Quo Vadis to sell thousands per year.

SellerDeck eCommerce
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We are very proud of our SellerDeck work

In most cases you can spot a SellerDeck website from a mile away. Not so with Webfaced because we design things properly, from look and feel to structure and layout and then introduce them to the SellerDeck platform ensuring that the system accommodates the design and not the other way around.

If you feel like you have outgrown SellerDeck because functionality you want to be able to offer isn’t possible out of the box then you should have a chat with our SellerDeck developers. We build custom plugins for SellerDeck and have yet to be beaten by a client’s requirement, even when it does not exist in SellerDeck as standard.

We can accommodate most requests even when they aren’t possible within the standard SellerDeck framework so if you have seen some functionality on another site and wished you could include it in your SellerDeck site we can make it happen! Over the years we have added the following to standard SellerDeck sites:

  • Better menus and navigation - Help your customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily with John Lewis style ‘mega-menus’, animated navigation bars and any bespoke layout that you need to create the right image for you site.
  • Image zoom-ins & video - Sexy graphics, zoom-ins, animation, slideshows and embedded videos are not reserved for bespoke or expensive eCommerce solutions, we can build them into SellerDeck for you to wow your customers.
  • Product filters & sorting - With a category of fifty products you should attempt to make things simple for your users. One thing you can do is to allow the user to filter out results that are not relevant or to sort them by price or colour. We can implement this for you to give your site that competitive advantage.
  • Removal of ‘acatalog’ subfolder – The inclusion of this sub directory has a negative impact on a search engine’s interpretation of the structure of your site and the importance it places on certain pages. We can remove this hindrance to SEO domination and ensure that all old links are automatically and instantly redirected. You will be left with a cleaner, more human-friendly URL to share with customers and a site which performs much better in the search engines.
  • Add to basket in the background – If you were walking around a supermarket and every time you added an item to your basket you were teleported to the checkout it would be extremely frustrating when doing a big shop. You would likely give up halfway down your shopping list and go elsewhere rather than having to walk from the tills back to the food aisles to start your search for the next item. This standard SellerDeck behaviour can be updated so that when a user adds an item to their basket it is added behind the scenes with an elegant message displaying to notify the user that the item is in their basket. The user can then continue browsing the section they are in reducing site abandonment and increasing conversion rate and revenue.
  • Realtime customisation previews – Do you offer product personalisation such as embroidery or printing? Why not allow your customers to enter their message, select their font or colours and then see it in realtime preview on the screen?
  • Product information tabs – Separate your product information into handy tabs for users to flick through rather than bombarding them with every piece of information at once.

The reality is that pretty much anything you have seen on any other website can be incorporated into SellerDeck, you just need to find a development team with the experience to be able to make it happen. Webfaced makes SellerDeck fit the ideas you have for a site, we never compromise ideas because of the restriction of a platform.

What now?

Let us do a FREE audit of your SellerDeck site, what have you got to lose? We will review the back-end functionality you offer your users, any errors or issues in the database itself, we will even review your code for SEO and performance improvements. We can then turn our attention to the front-end and give you advice and guidance on improvements to the design and layout of your site. Just to confirm, we don’t charge for this service and you are under no obligation to proceed with any development once we report back to you!

Get in touch with a SellerDeck developer today and find out how we can improve your site!