Perform GroupWe create beautiful, exciting and usable websites for exciting and inspiring clients. Our design and development experience covers many disciplines including SellerDeck ecommerce.

Importantly, our projects focus on creating sites which do the jobs their businesses require them to do, they don’t just look pretty, they work. All of the websites we build and launch represent the very best in design and all of them are specifically focused towards their commercial environment. This is why we build very obvious structure around our Online Marketing and not just our design services.

We aim to design and develop the best websites in the business. We have designed websites across a range of industries and this allows us to learn from one sector and innovate in another. Across the board, Webfaced has a very good understanding of current and emerging technologies and we provide a full digital service to give you a site which complements your other communication channels and targets your audience in the right way.

As well as very large clients we love to work with smaller businesses. Over the years we have teamed with many start-ups and small companies as well as individuals. Forget big budgets, we don’t believe in charging over the top for work that we love to do and our prices do not scale-up depending on the size of your office. Our simple website development work starts at just £300 and can provide you with everything you need to communicate effectively with your audience.

When it comes to eCommerce development we believe we that we cannot be beaten on price. Depending on your project requirements, our eCommerce sites are built on best-of-breed platforms like Magento and Sellerdeck or if your requirements are more specific on a completely bespoke eCommerce system.

Our development team is made up of trained and certified developers, accomplished in creating a solid and reliable range of custom online solutions from Content Management Systems to eCommerce sites. Webfaced provides future-proof, proven and scalable answers to many commercial and promotional questions.

SellerDeck Design


A fun and vibrant bespoke designed eCommerce site for an online retro sweet and gift business.

Sellerdeck eCommerce
Wordpress Design

Perform Group

A scalable site for a FTSE 250 media business supporting 35 countries and millions of visitors.

Magento Design

Pedal Pedal

A bespoke Magento design for a newly launched cycling brand with massive ideas.

Magento eCommerce
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Simple Web Design

Our web design work covers everything from small brochure sites to large corporate sites and of course eCommerce website development. For more information on our low cost small website design contact us for a no-obligation proposal today.

CMS Development

Everybody has different needs, we get that. Some of our clients are completely “code-savvy” and want us to design and build a site and leave them to tinker with it over the next few years. Other’s need a website for a new business venture and they have never used a computer before! If you need a website with a full Content Management System (CMS) then we can support you. We can create a website with a secure login so that you can alter text and images on the page without ever having to look at any nasty code!  Speak to a member of the team, for a no-obligation proposal today.

Blog Creation

Whether you want a blog to accompany your current website or you want to setup a blog as your main web presence Webfaced can help. We have spent many years creating blogs on all the main platforms and specialise specifically in WordPress development. If you have a website already and want to add a blog we can set this up for you for as little as £300. Have a chat with us and we will send you a no-obligation proposal.


We build eCommerce sites that get you selling online quickly, easily and with minimal cost and effort. You have probably done your homework already and spotted an eCommerce platform that you like the look of. Why not have a chat about the many solutions available with us. As an experienced eCommerce development studio we have used most platforms and can tell you the pros and cons of each and which ones best suit your business requirements. To learn more have a read through the eCommerce web design section and give us a call if we can help.

Mobile Optimised Sites

We believe that you need to plan carefully before embarking on web development. Ask yourself this… “Will your customers ever be using their mobiles when looking at your site?” The answer is likely to be “Yes!” but you need to go deeper and find out why. Will they be buying products on their iPhone or is your target market more likely to be on an old Nokia? If your web stats show high usage from iPad owners, can they fully use your site, does it look right? Do you have a shop or showroom? Are people trying to access your site to find directions or a phone number on their mobile? Chances are that a large proportion of your customers would benefit from being automatically taken to a mobile optimised site. Drop us a line so that we can talk specifically about your requirements.


You may have a large team of merchandisers, marketeers and techies or you may have yourself and a stockpile of caffeinated beverages. If you need help running your site, be it an eCommerce store, a blog, forum or brochure site then we can help. From making image or text updates each month to updating server software and tweaking the look of your site our maintenance services should give you the support you need.