Distinctive Drives – Case Study

Distinctive Drives – Case Study

The UK’s biggest supplier of retro sweets wanted to make the move from their old SellerDeck eCommerce platform to the all-singing, all-dancing Magento platform.

Chewbz Ltd was grown massively since it’s launch in 2008. Chewbz has a great brand and a great range of products. However, their website was beginning to look a little tired and needed the features and functionality that only comes from Magento.


Although it had a strong voice and a visually exciting set of products the website was in need of a refresh on a new platform. Working with Webfaced allowed the Chewbz team to migrate their successful website over to Magento with a brand new skin. One of the most important elements for an existing website planning to move to a new platform is to ensure that SEO is only positively impacted.


Webfaced presented Magento to Chewbz and demonstrated how much more advanced Magento’s backend is. With a cloud-based platform the Chewbz team saw they could work on the site from anywhere in the world at any time. Dynamic analytics built into Magento meant that related and popular products can be displayed to consumers throughout their journey. The Chewbz logo and design needed to be brought up to date and some of the most recent web technologies were to be employed. To a very tight timeframe the site was launched with a dazzling look and feel.


Due to the impact that the new designs are having on visitors sales have increased from the very first day of launch. Within the search engines Chewbz has continued to occupy the first page for its chosen search terms. The site has gone from strength to strength and continues to do so.