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Webfaced started life as a purely web focused design agency in 2011. Since then we have worked with hundreds of clients across a broad spectrum of projects. Our work has always been so varied and we often were asked to consult on wider business matters such as offline marketing, product development or business strategy.

At Webfaced we have all worked for large digital and traditional marketing agencies, some of the biggest in the UK in fact. We have seen companies in good times and bad and gained huge amounts of experience through our work. In 2019 we started to adapt our business to cater for even more diverse clients and projects far away from our web design roots.

We do things differently. By breaking our full-service expertise down into consultancy-led offerings we give you the opportunity to build a business that meets your objectives. With clients in FMCG, food & beverage and real estate we run projects from branding to property development.


Big Agencies
We have all come up through the ranks of large award-winning consultancies. This gives us masses of experience and has taught us what works and what doesn’t for both the agency and the client.

Big Brands
We have gained significant experience managing projects for big name brands in the UK and the rest of the world. We understand your business requirements because we’ve been in your shoes.

All of our team have worked as freelance consultants, designers & developers at some stage. This gives us great experience in agile project management and allows us to better understand small businesses.

We understand business and project management, branding & marketing from both sides of the agency/client divide. We’ve experienced the successes and challenges with a variety of businesses and we understand the pressures clients face.

Our Clients

Web Design & Development50%
eCommerce Optimisation80%
Social Media Management40%
Property Based Project Management60%
Business Strategy & Direction Management90%

Our clients ask us for support in many different types of project. Branding is one of the most common tasks we are asked by clients to assist with. Web design and development is at the core of our work and all of our clients selling products or services online ask us to support them in improving online revenue generation. Our clients tend to outsource social media setup to us and then take on the day-to-day management themselves whereas all clients ask for ongoing input when it comes to analytics and reporting.

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What our Clients Say

Knowing that there are hundreds of online marketing tasks that need to be completed each month to stay competitive is daunting. Recruiting for a full time employee to manage it all is expensive and carries it's own risks. To be able to outsource it all to an agency who knows what they are doing is priceless.- Chewbz Ltd - Online Confectionary Retailer
Website design, SEO, social media, reporting; we have trusted the team with a wide range of tasks and the results speak for themselves. Attention to detail, complete transparency, flexible and communicative. You could not ask for more from a supplier.- Perform Group - Global Digital Sports Media Provider
We rely on online marketing to survive, our market is tough and you need to stay visible to your audience. Trying to handle all of the work ourselves is just not feasible, we needed a partner we could trust and they deliver on everything they promise.- Dream Doors - National Kitchen Franchise


Is there a limit to the number of services I can add to my project?

No! Our entire business is built around the simple idea that every client is different. If you choose to outsource more of your online marketing requirements to enable you to focus on your core business strategy then we are flexible enough to support it.

Is there a minimum monthly spend?

No! We have large clients that spend several thousands pounds each month because their projects consist of a wide variety of work, we also have clients who spend a few hundred pounds because they want us to focus on a couple of key activities only.

Your project belongs to you and we encourage you to build it with your needs in mind, not to fit an agency’s offering.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. We do not believe in tying clients into contracts, we want our work to speak for itself, it is only the great results we obtain that should keep you as a client, not a contract. All that we ask is that you provide us with a month’s notice of your cancellation so that we have time to assign staff to other accounts.

When do I pay?

You will not be asked to pay anything upfront.

Once we have met with you and defined your requirements we will put together a proposal. Once you are happy with what we are going to deliver we can proceed with your project.

We will issue you with a monthly invoice, you will never pay for work we haven’t done. Simple.

Can I cancel my project at any point?

Yes of course, you can cancel your project at any time!

We would be sorry to see you go, some of our clients have been with us for almost 10 years and will continue to stay with us for many more years too. If something isn’t working within your project perhaps we can address it and make some changes so that you continue to benefit from our expert services.

If we cannot amend your project to suit your requirements then you have the right to cancel it. All that we ask is that you provide us with a month’s notice of your cancellation so that we have time to assign our staff to other accounts.

What if I want to add more services later?

No problem at all. This is actually very common with clients who start with just one or two services realising the benefits of outsourcing their online marketing to us and then adding more and more.

If at any time you want to discuss the addition of specific services just let us know. We will call you to discuss your requirements and then come back to you immediately with a revision of your original proposal and a new cost.

What if I have a completely bespoke project that you don’t seem to offer?

Have we said that flexibility is key to what we do?! If you have a requirement that is not covered by our current range of services then just let us know. We will discuss it with you and we will add it to your project.

How do I adjust the services I am getting?

If a specific service is no longer required we can remove it very easily. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will discuss the issue with you and if we cannot amend the service to suit we will remove it and adjust your monthly payment accordingly.

Is reporting included?

You can contact us at any point to discuss your project and where relevant we will always feed back to you detailing progress and the successes. You won’t be kept in the dark about the work that we are doing, we offer complete transparency and we are only too happy to show the results of our work.

If you require a specific reporting format or perhaps you need specific metrics each week or month for your own management reports then we can assist you in that. We can build reports for you in order to provide the intelligence you seek or likewise if you have a report format that you need compiling we can work to your template.

Is account management and support included?

As with reporting, we offer complete transparency within each area of our work and if you have any questions or requests we are just an email or phone call away. Account management and customer support underpins everything that we do so this is absolutely included in our offering.

Some of our clients like to have a weekly conference call with us, some like a monthly face-to-face meeting. We will support you in whatever way you need us to.

Are you really UK based?

Yes, 100%. In terms of cost we sit between two extremes; on the expensive side we have the large traditional agencies who recoup their high operational costs through charging their clients more. On the cheap side you can opt for freelancers based predominantly in Eastern Europe and India who’s operational costs are very low and as such they can afford to charge less.

We believe that the cheap option is less than ideal when you are outsourcing the valuable task of marketing your business online. Language barriers and cultural differences can cause difficulties in communication between you and your freelancer. Likewise the work that they create (which is mostly customer facing) reflects your brand and requires an expert knowledge of your market and customers, something that is impossible to do to a good standard from an office in Delhi or Bucharest.

Every business needs to work to budgets and employing staff to handle your online marketing projects can be very costly. Outsourcing your project to a large traditional agency will cost even more whilst handing your project to a cheap non-native English speaking freelancer will not gain the results you want. We offer the perfect solution.

We are based in Wiltshire, our staff are all English and we have all worked for large agencies and big brands in the past. At the same time our focus on the fundamental aspects of successful project delivery allow us to keep our costs extremely low. We constantly monitor our pricing and aim to be in line with good UK-based freelancers despite being a more traditional shop.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by telephone on 01672 642024 or via email at team@webfaced.co.uk

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