Retro Sweets – Case Study

Retro Sweets – Case Study

The oldest website in the retro sweets market wanted to secure their presence with a new magento website. has been a player in the confectionary and gifting industry since 2000. Remarkably though, the brand has never sold sweets online, they have gathered sweet orders on behalf of other retailers. Now, many years on and sitting alongside well known brands such as Chewbz, needed a proper web based identity and needed input from our marketing and branding specialists to create the brand and make it’s own ecommerce dreams a reality.


Although it had a strong pedigree lacked any visible brand. Working with us allowed the team to put onto paper what was locked in their heads and once you have seen the site you will see what a colourful and yet tastefully traditional vision the team had. required a solid and flexible web based ecommerce platform to accommodate extremely fast growth.


Our consultants researched the market and focused on who the customer was and what their perceptions of was in the past. Wee created a traditional “olde sweet shoppe” logo and design which in turn inspired the creation of the online ecommerce site. To a very tight budget the site was launched with a dazzling look and from the word go started to generate attention from a market who’s sites were nearly all DIY creations.


Due to the impact that the designs had on visitors, were able to immediately start converting the customers that until then had only been bounced onto other retailers. The smooth magento ecommerce system allowed sales to flood in from the very first day. Supported initially by PPC to generate traffic until the site established itself within the search engines we continued with SEO activity until the brand was occupying the first page for its chosen search terms.


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