Dream Doors – Case Study

Dream Doors – Case Study

With a huge marketshare dream doors wanted to ensure that their website was performing as well as it could be.

Dream Doors is the largest kitchen design franchise in the UK. Offering a replacement design and fit service as well as the sale of doors and appliances the company website plays a vital role in introducing the company and encouraging people to visit their local branch. We were appointed by Dream Doors to redesign and redevelop their website on a new platform creating intelligent functionality to improve conversion rate.

The Work

The emphasis for this project was on ensuring the greatest conversion rate. Beyond this the in-house marketing team needed greater flexibility and control from the back-end system. Lastly, the marketing team confirmed that there was a requirement for excellent SEO performance and support for PPC activity.

The site was built on a heavily customised WordPress platform allowing for easy creation and maintenance of site pages. The flow from homepage to showroom locator was re-thought and the logic used to identify a user’s location in the country was greatly improved.

A full website audit was conducted which focussed on web analytics data to determine where online users were coming from and in the case of search, what they were typing into search engines. This highlighted which search terms were most successful for the company. However, this did not mean that they are the most searched terms in relation to kitchen door replacement. Focus was then turned to generic keyword research to understand the search volumes for hundreds of search terms and keywords. With these two approaches it was possible to see the popular search terms that the website was not ranking for and therefore the amount of traffic that was being lost.

The website content was then altered to better target the high volume search terms which the brand did not appear for with additional pages and crafted text being added. This allowed Google to match widely used search terms with content on the website where before there was no link.

A good example of the approach here was how the site targeted geographic locations. “Kitchen showroom Birmingham” was a very popular search phrase for which the brand did not appear in the search rankings and thus attracted absolutely no traffic. Additional landing pages were created which focussed on many hundreds of locations with information about the relevant franchise in each location and considered text on the page. This also provided a very targeted landing page for paid advertising (PPC).

The keyword and search term research conducted for the SEO review was crucial in constructing a successful PPC campaign. Ad text was written that engaged the user and encouraged clicks. All of the popular location specific search terms were linked through to their respective landing pages which meant there was high relevance between the destination page and the text within the advert.




Since it’s launch the new site has seen a significant increase in the number of showroom visits and online contact requests. Analytics data has shown a drop in bounce rate and site abandonment overall and the site has quickly paid for itself whilst also ensuring that future costs will be reduced due to the flexibility of the platform in allowing the in-house teams to implement changes as required.


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