Nappy Head – Case Study

Nappy Head – Case Study

Exciting designs, an edgy attitude in the kid’s gifting sector and a vision to dominate the market.

Nappy Head is an experienced online retailer who desperately needed to overhaul their old Sellerdeck based ecommerce website. The project required a full service focus on not only the redesign, restructure and recoding of the website but also the brand’s online marketing including SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media.

The Work

The brief was to create a modern and funky site with professional functionality to reflect the Nappy Head brand which had already established itself as being a high quality retailer with emphasis on great customer service. One of the major concerns for Nappy Head was the structure of the website and the improvement of navigation which Google Analytics showed needed to be improved. Beyond the site build itself was the need to increase traffic to the site and awareness of the brand.

The site design was reviewed which was actually fairly straightforward due to the fact that Nappy Head as a brand had a strong identity already, it was more a case of reworking it to make it more professional and sleek. The site structure was reviewed and Sellerdeck’s standard site navigation was scrapped to make way for a bespoke system. The team then began reworking the standard Sellerdeck coding for the site to increase the site’s ability to rank well in the search engines.

Lots of work was done to identify the best performing search terms for the brand and these were built into the site. The same research was then used to structure link building activity and also to form the extensive PPC campaign which helps to drive traffic to the website.

There was greater emphasis on creating an online marketing presence which did not cost a huge amount of money each month. This led to the suggestion of using Affiliate Marketing to improve reach and generate sales in a cost effective manner. The structure is simply that a brand works with third party editorial or discount/reward websites in order to promote their products. If one of the third party sites in the network drives a user to your website and that user buys something the third party site is rewarded with a percentage of the basket value as a commission. Affiliate marketing works very well in promoting brands and products and generating sales at low cost. A brand is only paying out commission when a sale is made.


The Results

Due to the fresh and professional new design and the extended product views with image zoom functionality the ecommerce front-end improved conversion rate by 25%. With the site performing better in terms of converting traffic it made sense to start increasing the budget for PPC, SEO which further increased traffic to the site and improved revenues for the brand. Affiliate marketing remains a very useful tool as part of the online marketing toolkit because of it’s “no-win, no-fee” structure.


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