oldspiceLaunching a website is never the end of the story just as opening a shop on the high-street and waiting for customers to roll-in should never be the shopkeeper’s entire strategy.

Operating online is far harder than opening a traditional retail shop on the high street even though many online retailing books will have you think otherwise. Yes, it’s relatively easy to build an eCommerce site, however, that is just the beginning. Unlike footfall past a shop window which you cannot avoid on the high street, you could go for years without ever being visited online, in effect Google is the World’s biggest high street with millions of shops along it, the only trouble is, the Google High street is cramped and you need to stand-out and be noticed. Online Marketing addresses this and Webfaced can provide your business with significant return on investment (ROI) through online marketing strategy.

We develop and execute cost-effective integrated online marketing campaigns that target your audience specifically through a broad range of channels. We monitor and analyse all activity, providing you with meaningful and useful reports to measure ROI. Whether you want to increase exposure and brand recognition or encourage a specific call to action Webfaced utilises years of experience in online marketing to ensure your business objectives are met.

A number of disciplines apply and we are very proud of our knowledge, experience and proven success in all of them. By undertaking an online marketing project with Webfaced you will be given a dedicated Campaign Manager who will work with you to plan, execute and report on our services which include:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Webfaced understands the many sides of SEO. From ground-up a website build should focus on SEO strategy but sadly this is not the view of all agencies. Clients regularly come to us for FREE SEO advice when someone else has built their site and the mistakes are common. Webfaced work to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine results pages. Our multi-faceted approach combines search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC), thereby providing a strong integrated strategy for achieving high search engine rankings. Webfaced has a fantastic track record when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because we continually improve rankings based on a selection of relevant keywords and search phrases. We are a full service web design agency with a passion for search marketing.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Webfaced can build you a website, however, you still need to advertise, even online. With confidence in our natural search knowledge we can structure and manage a paid search (Pay Per Click – PPC) campaign for your business. Our PPC team have run paid search campaigns for clients with monthly budgets of £150k, we know our stuff. We run a full audit of your site, your audience and your product or service and construct a campaign that offers the highest possible ROI. From the creation of your advert to the structuring of ad groups and campaigns through to the controlled spending we can produce fantastic results on the major search engines. Take a closer look at our PPC offering and then call us for a chat.

Email Marketing

Webfaced has been using mass email to effectively communicate messages to audiences for many years. The landscape has changed dramatically since we started doing it, however, this has only made us stronger. Whether you are trying to encourage brand loyalty, drive repeat business or attract new customers, Webfaced’s services within the email marketing discipline will ensure your project is a success. We regularly handle the design and development of an email strategy that utilises in-house lists as well as sourcing the most relevant opt-in email addresses from respected data vendors. We can segment and target specific groups within each mailing to ensure we achieve massive click-through and conversion rates. Every email is personalised allowing you, the marketer, to communicate with your clients on a personal level. Contact us for more information on email marketing services.

Social Media

At Webfaced we do not agree that Social Media is one of the biggest hypes of the last five years, but then, we have made it work. We all play with Facebook, we have a Webfaced twitter profile, we review products we are considering buying by the forum comments we read. Social Media presents a great opportunity to engage, and interact with your audience. We construct campaigns that take your product or image to your audience in an environment where they feel safe and secure. We have proven that by doing this, interacting with people where they feel comfortable, you stand a much better chance of forming a longstanding relationship with them. We have run campaigns on the big social networking sites as well as niche forums and blogs related to our client’s products. Our social media page provides further information on the services that we offer.