Webfaced TeamAs individuals our combined experience designing and developing websites and building online marketing strategy pre-dates the birth of the web itself! We love what we do and as a team we are unstoppable!

We are a small, energetic mix of marketing, design and development specialists. We don’t have a fancy Soho postcode or ride unicycles into our converted warehouse office in Shoreditch… but then again, you would know that from our rate card. We take on web projects from the creation of small microsites to large eCommerce developments, projects with a budget of £500 to those of £50,000.

We wow our clients with a blend of business understanding, beautiful design and nifty coding. If you want to be blown-away by a trendy office and chic bars you are taken to for lunch we probably aren’t the agency for you, or indeed you the client for us. We keep our costs sensible by focussing on what really matters, our work.

We were formed in 2008 from the merging of two smaller agencies and haven’t looked back since. Our expertise starts with our MD who combines years of agency and client-side roles in the online world and offers sound business understanding, logic and project management. Our design and development capabilities come from a number of graphic designers and web developers who we match to projects based on their skills, experiences and passion. Whether it is front-end user interface magic or reliable and secure backend work you need we match a project team to the specific needs of you as an individual client. When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, Social Media or Affiliate Marketing you will be working with our inhouse marketing strategists who understand the landscape fully.

How we work

Every project is different; we never try to force an existing project team onto a project unless every member of the team is the right person for the job. Through our years working in the digital space we have strong links with a large pool of local designers and developers who we often call on if a project requires some specific skills. In all honesty this makes us the perfect agency in terms of being able to confidently commit to, and deliver, a project; a combination of having great internal expertise and the ability to scale up should a project require extra resource. One important thing to point out is that we NEVER outsource projects, we recruit contractors who are based locally to us, people we know personally and trust with our reputation.

Given the range of languages and platforms that current web and mobile development is based on, our ability to bring talented and experienced developers in-house means there is no project that we cannot work on for lack of technical understanding. Obviously the staple development languages and structures are catered for inhouse, however, if you require something really unique the chances are we can support it.

We work with a broad range of clients, from small start-up businesses to multi-national PLCs. We work directly with marketing teams but also offer our services to other agencies, often fulfilling their need for experienced digital developers to compliment their core service offering. As an agency our collective goal is to enjoy every day in the studio. We want to work with inspiring clients on exciting projects. We want to see our vision for design and development merge with a client’s objectives and end up in a beautiful website or digital application.